Fresno Separation Attorney

For anyone in a troubled marriage in Fresno, legal separation should be guided by a lawyer with both a good command of the law and knowledge of human nature. Whether it is divorce or separation, in Fresno it is essential that the attorney you use fit your needs and be someone with whom you can work closely throughout the process.

Legal separation in Fresno is almost always the first step, and the point at which each spouse chooses an attorney. This is because a separation agreement quite often becomes the structure for the divorce agreement—it truly is a trial by which both parties test the terms to see if they can build new lives under such an arrangement. So whether you are in the phase of pre-separation or separation, divorce in Fresno is largely predicated on the initial agreement worked out.

That is why choosing an attorney to represent you in a separation is critical to the rest of the process—indeed, to the rest of your life. You need to approach it strategically, with an objective method to select an attorney who can guide you through a Fresno separation, divorce or other family law proceeding.

Fresno divorce, separation attorney checklist

Marriage dissolution can be a very confusing time, and for obvious reasons one of great consequence. The general sense is that things are out of your control, that you perhaps have failed to manage a very key component in your life. Selecting your attorney is about regaining that control. You will do better if you make your selection in a strategic framework. Following are topics that could serve as your checklist for doing that:

  • Case histories: While confidentiality ethics prevent sharing exact details with prospective clients, a qualified family law attorney can share experiences with clients in situations similar to yours. This might give you a perspective on potential outcomes.
  • Likeability and approachableness: Is this someone you can easily ask questions of, who speaks in language you can understand? You will need to work with him or her over several months, possibly years.
  • Assertive: Particularly if the divorce is contested or contentious, will this lawyer pursue your claims thoroughly and vigorously?
  • Communications: Will this attorney respond to your needs and questions in a timely manner?
  • Proactive: When called for, will the attorney keep the opposing party on the defensive? A good offense can be an important advantage.
  • Willingness to negotiate: While it may reduce the attorney fee income, negotiating out-of-court settlements can increase overall satisfaction for all parties, including children.
  • Problem solver: As in life, divorce is rife with unexpected problems. An attorney skilled at adaptation and creative solutions will certainly be an asset.

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