Fresno Divorce Attorney

If you are searching for a divorce attorney in Fresno, you no doubt are thinking about how important it is to make the right selection. Divorce attorneys come in all shapes and sizes, male and female, young and experienced. While selecting your own legal representation—perhaps while considering Fresno divorce attorneys—you should approach it with a list of topics that can help you make your decision.

The first point to understand is that a good Fresno divorce attorney is adept at both litigated divorce and divorce. Each case is different, and many cases change course once both parties and their attorneys take a closer look at the circumstances of the individuals involved. In other words, your lawyer needs to be adaptive to changing conditions—and skilled under all of those conditions.

Here are some questions to ask in an initial conversation with lawyers you are considering:

  • Family law focus: Is divorce your primary practice focus, or part of a longer list of legal areas of practice? Are you a certified family law specialist?
  • Similar cases: Are you familiar with situations in divorces similar to mine?
  • Strategy: From your experience, does a strategy for my case come immediately to mind? What else do you need to know about my family and finances to determine how to approach my divorce?
  • Responsiveness: Do you return calls within a window of time, such as four hours, the same day, or two or three days? What would the procedure be for contacting you in an emergency?
  • Support staff: Can you introduce me to the paralegal and other support staff who would work on my case?
  • Costs: How can I budget for this divorce? How much will I need to pay in legal fees (including your hourly rate), court costs, mediator fees, expert evaluators or witnesses, office fees and other charges? (A qualified Fresno divorce attorney cannot state an absolute set fee, as variables in the proceedings can alter this, but from experience he or she should give you a general sense of the costs.)
  • Basic facts of my case: Given the honest set of circumstances of my marriage, children, communal assets, and debts, is it possible for you to tell me how a judge would view my case? (Note: never ask for an outcome prediction, but rather how the courts generally treat the broad brush components of similar cases.)
  • Tax implications: Does your firm include consulting financial experts who can help me understand the tax implications of the decisions I will have to make?

The Law Offices of Jennifer S. Morrison can guide you through the various approaches to divorce. Recognized among attorneys in Fresno, Jennifer is always ready to educate clients on the benefits of divorce law in both achieving better outcomes and reducing overall divorce costs.

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