Divorce Attorneys in Fresno, CA

Whether you face an uncontested or divorce in Fresno, having an attorney represent your interests is your smartest strategy. Even cases where the parting is amicable can evolve from an uncontested divorce to a fully contentious situation if handled improperly. A qualified law firm will identify a strategy that best fits the personality and financial position of the client.

In general, the lawyer and the client need to identify the type of divorce they wish to pursue: contested or uncontested divorce.

Fresno contested divorce attorney

A contested divorce can happen for any number of reasons, generally along these lines:

  • Child custody and support need legal definition and resolution
  • Significant assets or debts were accrued during the union
  • Decisions or behaviors of one spouse are at odds with those of the other spouse

The defining characteristic is disagreement, which sometimes is unavoidable. A Fresno contested divorce often requires more time spent with lawyers as well as greater court fees.

Fresno uncontested divorce lawyer

An uncontested divorce in Fresno most often happens when three conditions exist:

  • The couple has no children or other dependents
  • There are few or no communally acquired assets or debts
  • The nature of the divorce is civilized, not hostile

A Fresno uncontested divorce requires the least amount of counsel from your attorney, yet an attorney is recommended to make sure no mistakes of long-term consequence are made.

Note that if either party chooses to go to court despite the earlier agreement not to, then both attorneys must withdraw from the case. Each party must then hire a new litigation attorney.

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