Filing for Divorce in Fresno

Divorce advice in Fresno is best sourced through an attorney in almost all circumstances. Quite often, however, someone who is thinking about getting a divorce will go through a short list of friends and family. These personal advisors may suggest methods for filing divorce in Fresno, but typically they base their advice on one-time experiences.

When friends or family try to assist in a Fresno divorce process, their suggestions may be of limited value. In fact, almost all relationships and subsequent divorces can go in many different directions, good and bad. An experienced Fresno divorce attorney brings not only full legal knowledge of divorcing in Fresno, but also the perspective of human behavior and the court system, as each affects the Fresno divorce process.

Fresno divorce advice

The job of a law firm in any Fresno divorce is to map a smart strategy that begins when you file divorce in Fresno and ends after the divorce is finalized (sometimes many months later). The attorney then must proceed according to that strategy, adjusting the approach as necessary throughout the process.

To begin, you have to determine your path in several respects:

  • Accrued assets: California is a joint property state.  If you were married long enough and were financially successful, your joint assets can be split 50-50, regardless of which spouse earned the most.
  • Property: Part of those assets may include a primary residence, the value of which also factors into the accrued assets. Often, one spouse may wish to remain living in that home, and thus will need to arrange financing of the purchase from the departing spouse.
  • Accrued debts: Debts are divided equally, regardless if one spouse was more responsible for the debt than the other (except in extenuating circumstances, when a court may rule differently).
  • Spousal support: If one spouse earns a disproportionately larger income, spousal support (alimony) may be appropriate. This of course expands when there are minor children or other dependants, who may warrant additional support.
  • Separation period and purpose: A legal separation is always advised, as it creates a test scenario for how the divorce would or would not work. Sometimes, couples will reconcile after a separation.

Discussion of these and other issues with your attorney enables the formulation of a solid strategy for separation and divorce.

Divorce help in Fresno

The Law Offices of Jennifer S. Morrison provides its clients help in several regards:

  • Define the law and the courts. A focused dedication to family law helps the members of a firm know both the laws and the system under which those laws are adjudicated.
  • Run interference. Where emotions may run high between divorcing parties, the lawyers can handle important negotiations with a dispassionate approach.
  • Provide experienced perspective. Jennifer S. Morrison worked as a legal secretary and paralegal for more than two decades before becoming a family law attorney herself in 1999. Three decades of working closely with all sides of the law informs her work.

Contact the Fresno divorce law firm of Jennifer S. Morrison by filling out our quick contact form or calling 559-225-4300 to get divorce help and advice for your family.