Finding The Right Divorce Lawyer in Fresno

When the time comes to find a divorce lawyer, you are at a very important juncture. This is when you will make a decision that might affect you and your children (if any) for years to come. Divorce lawyers in Fresno are clearly abundant and available, but the question is: which lawyer will ensure your healthiest outcome?

The nature of you and your case is significant in this search. Divorce attorneys are worth considering if your case is less contentious, when both parties want to make the transition in a respectful and productive way. But, when necessary, some Fresno divorce lawyers are respected for their ability to aggressively and appropriately pursue the best interests of their clients in more contentious situations. Your choice of a Fresno divorce lawyer should take these factors into account.

Some Fresno divorce lawyers, skilled at litigation, are also among the more competent Fresno divorce lawyers. We believe we fall into that category, based on three decades of experience around family law. What begins as a divorce case might become litigious, and vice versa. An attorney with solid experience in both areas can adapt to such changes.

Importantly, the complexity of a divorce case can have a significant effect on attorney fees. It is wholly appropriate to discuss this during your initial consultation with a divorce lawyer. It is also appropriate to discuss how and when fees are paid and who is responsible for paying them.

Make sure your Fresno Divorce Lawyer has the right experience

Whether you consider the Law Offices of Jennifer S. Morrison or another firm, be sure to inquire about the scenarios that may be involved in your own life and marriage:

  • Individual variables in your divorce and separation: Divorce and legal separation may be the broad specialty, but the details of community property division, spousal support and post-decree modifications need to be addressed.
  • Child custody and support (maintenance): Child custody and visitation, parental alienation (if present or intended), paternity, financial support, child custody enforcement and other factors are important.
  • Prenuptial/planning ahead: Prenuptial agreements, post-marital agreements and business interest pre-nups, while often discussed in cynical terms, can actually strengthen a marriage and remove financial tension within families.
  • Domestic violence: Restraining orders, false charges of abuse, and marital rape are an important area of family law that needs to be managed closely and aggressively.

When you feel you have identified the right divorce attorney for your case, you should sign a retainer agreement with your attorney. This contract is simply a formal written agreement that outlines the services and their costs.

The Law Offices of Jennifer S. Morrison helps guide you through understanding the various issues of divorce. Contact The Law Offices of Jennifer S. Morrison today at 559-225-4300 to discuss your case and to set up a consultation with a Fresno divorce attorney.